Valley’s Edge will bring amenities and economic opportunities to the area

Valley’s Edge will have a tremendously positive impact on Chico’s economy. Over the lifespan of the project, it will create almost 10,000 jobs to support development, and require over 1,200 jobs to support ongoing operations. The economic impact will exceed 1.4 billion dollars, and contribute around 275 million annually to the city after completion. 

While this injection of income into Chico’s economy is good, it’s important to consider the other benefits of building Valley’s Edge. 

  • More parks for kids to get outside. Dirt is good!
  • 25+ miles of trails for outdoor recreation
  • Largest dedication of parkland since 1905
  • Conservation of historic rock walls and wagon ruts
  • Preservation of 5,500 native oak trees
  • Dedicated senior housing with activities 
  • Opportunity for multigenerational living; families can live close
  • Increased economic vitality: VE will bring more jobs to Chico
  • 2,777 more houses to give Chicoans a choice in where to live
  • Careful planning over the next 50+ years
  • Complements Chico charm; a community within a park