Valley’s Edge Offers Housing Options for Everyone

Choice is a beautiful thing, especially when it comes to housing. Options allow you to create the life you want for yourself and your family, rather than being stuck with whatever is available. You can make decisions about your rent, mortgage, housing size, and more, all of which affect your quality of life. Valley’s Edge understands people need different options at different stages in their lives. As families expand, or parents become empty-nesters, it’s important to be able to choose the right-sized living space which fits your budget and needs. 

Housing Is Not One Size Fits All

It’s why Valley’s Edge has been designed for different age groups, household sizes, and income levels. There’s a selection of homes for a wide range of lifestyles, budgets, and age groups. The different types of housing are not luxury housing or low-income apartments, but something in between which will be a good fit for a broad selection of residents. Often called “The Missing Middle,” Valley’s Edge is designed for this demographic. Think: fixed-income seniors, young adults, single-income professionals such as teachers, first responders, healthcare workers, and other middle-income residents competing for housing in the current market.

More Inventory Means More Choice

Adding stock to the existing inventory of housing in Chico will add to the availability of different types of homes, allowing more choices for potential renters and homeowners. Over time, Valley’s Edge would have the ability to help address Chico’s housing needs. There would be approximately 157 acres of very low-density land suitable for custom or semi-custom homes, 330 acres dedicated to single-family home builders, and 100 acres for residential cottages, patio homes, courtyard, and cluster housing. Within the Village Core, there would be room for approximately 9 acres of multi-family apartments, as well.

In addition to reserving land for more affordable medium-density homes, the master developer, in collaboration with the City and qualified housing developers, will explore opportunities for privately-built, governmentally-subsidized housing.

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