Valley’s Edge makes history with the most significant parkland donation since Bidwell Park in 1905

Where would Chico be without Bidwell Park? It’s hard to imagine the city without our “crown jewel,” one of the largest municipal parks in the nation. But at the turn of the 20th century, the park did not exist. 

The birth of Bidwell Park 

History was made on July 20, 1905, when a significant parcel of land was donated to the City of Chico to establish a new park. Bidwell Park was born, and over a hundred years later it’s still having a significant impact on the character of the city and the well-being of the community. Countless residents have grown up alongside the park’s majestic oak trees, watched their dogs run smiling down hiking trails, biked in Upper Park, played with the kiddos at Caper Acres, sought refuge on hot summer days at Bear Hole, and wandered in silence surrounded by the comforts of nature. 

A historic gift for Chico 

Valley’s Edge recognizes the importance of this gift to past, current, and future locals and visitors. Valley’s Edge has dedicated 419 acres to found an additional park, making it the biggest parkland dedication to the City since 1905. Over 118 years after Bidwell Park’s creation, history will be made again. 

Where park meets open land

In addition to the irrevocable gift of 419 acres to the City of Chico as a regional park, there will also be over 730 acres of open space at Valley’s Edge. Like Bidwell Park, it will have hiking and biking trails (over 25 miles!) winding through the land, giving the community even more opportunities and encouragement to live healthier lives spent in the great outdoors. 

Preservation for generations

Most importantly, this park will be preserved not just for the community today, but for tomorrow. While the amount of land gifted to the City of Chico can be counted, the impact this park will have on future generations is immeasurable. It will be so many things: a place to play, to be healthy, to escape urban life, and simply be. We’ve always believed the land matters, which is why preservation is at the heart of Valley’s Edge. 

Want to learn more about the future park at Valley’s Edge? Visit the website here.