The Solution to Chico Staying Chico

Valley’s Edge is a natural extension of this beloved city

Most Chicoans will agree: one of the best parts about living in Chico is the unique lifestyle it allows. The City of Chico with direction from council have provided the direction to create a vision where residents can bike, walk, and skate throughout most of the city. Chico Area Recreation District (CARD) oversees parks galore, and nature is never far. Students mingle with seniors whose families have been here for generations. Stately old homes sit near modern apartment complexes, ensuring a broad mix of income levels can benefit from the amenities here. 

The challenge: A housing deficit 

However, Chico is undergoing a demand for more housing. There is a need for a broader range of housing types to provide young adults and the aging population the opportunity to stay and live in Chico if they choose to.

A source of help: Valley’s Edge 

Enter Valley’s Edge. The proposed project has plans for a variety of housing types: senior living, starter homes, cottages, apartments, and custom homes. The goal is to extend the lifestyle everyone loves by providing housing options for different incomes, household sizes, and ages in styles people are used to seeing around Chico. 

What’s more, additional housing opens up more choices of housing throughout the rest of Chico. A recent economic study “found that for every 100 ‘new, centrally located market-rate units,’ roughly 60 units were opened up in the bottom half of neighborhood income distribution through vacancies.”

There will be single-family homes with backyards, a place for families to grow. Intergenerational houses can help keep extended families in the same household and smaller residences offer options for those who want to downsize. 

Preserve Chico’s way of life

Valley’s Edge was designed with the input of hundreds of Chico residents. It’s not just a blueprint for well-designed and affordable homes; it will be an extension of the community in Chico, with the same lifestyle. 

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