Valley’s Edge Specific Plan is the first of its kind. Its goal is simple, its offerings numerous: to provide Chico more room for living and thriving in a community founded on family, recreation, and the natural outdoors. Home to young and old, lifestyles of all kinds, a broad range of housing types, and amenities for every need, Valley’s Edge comes to life through wise planning and respect for the land and location.


730 Acres of Open Space
Roughly half the total land use is designated for parks, undeveloped open space, and public uses. It defines the community, preserves the integrity of the land, protects historical landmarks, and invites new wildlife to enjoy the natural landscape. Multiple trails weave through and around the community, making it easy to leave the car behind and enjoy a safe, enjoyable walk to your destination.

Responsible Growth

For over 10 years now, Chico’s General Plan 2030 has designated Valley’s Edge as an area to accommodate planned and responsible growth. People love Chico, and the city will continue to grow. The key is to ensure this growth is both responsible and thoughtful versus a piecemeal, lot by lot approach. Such planning allows for interconnected trail networks, street systems, openspaces and parks, proper infrastructure and the ability to protect a vast acreage of open land and wildlife, more organically preserving the natural environment as a whole.

Open to Every Age

Residential housing represents about 45% of the overall site and includes both multigenerational and senior components. Children, teens, adults, and seniors have the opportunity to live, learn, and laugh alongside each other.

Stores, Restaurants, and Offices

Commercial land use within Valley’s Edge comprises roughly 60 acres and consists of two areas: The Village Core and Village Commercial.

Village Core: A welcoming gathering point and social hub of the community, the Village Core is home to professional and medical offices, small retail, services, food, and beverage. Also located here are social and recreational clubhouse amenities within both multigenerational and senior housing areas.

Village Commercial: Adjacent to the Village Core uses, the Village Commercial areas include medical and professional offices, apartments, multigenerational and senior neighborhoods, workforce housing, day care, hospitality uses, residential care homes, assisted living facilities, and retail uses.