The Mission at Valley’s Edge: preserve and protect Chico’s heritage

The past is present in Chico, where urban life mingles with reminders of the city’s early days around every corner. The community is fortunate to be surrounded by historic buildings downtown, grand Victorian homes, and the iconic Bidwell Park created over a century ago. None of this would be possible without thoughtful preservation and planning. 

Valley’s Edge protects the unprotected

Preservation was always a key part of the plan for Valley’s Edge, which was why it was based on safeguarding cultural and historic resources onsite. The land holds many pieces of Chico’s past, such as 34 pioneer-era rock walls, and wagon ruts from the old Humboldt Wagon Road. But in its current undeveloped state, all of this is unprotected from weather, trespassers, and nature, and at risk for eradication. Now that the project is happening, Valley’s Edge can safeguard these important parts of Chico’s heritage with intentional conservation plans. 

Signage honors our history 

Not only will Valley’s Edge protect these important links to the past, but it will also place signage at key social gathering places, trailways, and other areas. This will help educate present and future generations about the historical importance of these artifacts and pay homage to the people who came before us. 

Preservation respects nature

At Valley’s Edge, conservation is key. The preservation and protection of the Oak Woodlands located on the land will help maintain the climatic and biodiverse balance of the area. But as undeveloped land, the Oak Woodlands are neither protected nor managed. With our ambitious Oak Woodland Mitigation and Management Plan, the natural, cultural, environmental, and economic values of around 5,500 of the 7,000 oak trees in Valley’s Edge will not only be maintained, but enhanced where they stand. The remaining trees will be incorporated into parks and community areas. 

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