Rock Walls

No less than 90% of existing on-site rock walls are in areas designated for parks, open space, and or areas where avoidance and preservation can be monitored and managed.


Surveys reveal there are 34 hand-laid, stacked rock walls ranging from 65 feet to over 8,300 feet throughout the Valley’s Edge area. These rock walls are part of Chico’s history, most dating back to the late 19th century as livestock enclosures and property boundaries. 

The following measures are being taken to ensure the rock walls will be protected:

  • Creating public awareness and appreciation for the rock walls
  • Kiosks and monuments to inform visitors and residents of their local significance and the stewardship necessary for their preservation
  • Incorporating rock wall elements into streetscapes and landscape
  • Documenting the condition of preserved rock walls through routine inspection and conduct necessary repairs through the use of native
  • Retaining all surface rocks on-site, along with a storage yard to enable builders and residents to collect material for reuse