Guiding Principles

#1. Implement Chico’s General Plan 2030

Chico’s General Plan is the official document outlining policies for the growth and preservation of Chico. The document outlines 5 Special Planning Areas (SPAs) for sustainable growth, and Valley’s Edge is one of them.

#2. The Land Matters: Listen to it

Valley’s Edge will preserve about 5,500 trees. It will steward the Oak Woodlands, seasonal creeks, wildlife corridors, and wetlands with 0% impact on endangered species.

#3. Dirt Is Good and Play Is Transformative

Roughly 25 miles of trails, parks, playgrounds, and open spaces makes Valley’s Edge a place for all ages to get outside connect with nature. 

#4. Promote a Healthy & Sustainable Community

Homes, businesses, schools and parks link together with bike and walking trails. Safety planning and energy efficiency promote happier, healtier lifestyles for all ages. 

#5. Complement Hometown Chico

Valley’s Edge is an extension of the Chico charm and culture. Nature, housing, and recreation come together for ongoing economic vitality in Chico. 2,777 more houses will be built to give Chicoans a choice in where to live.

Places to connect for kids, seniors, and everyone in-between: these are the dreams on which Valley’s Edge was imagined. As a father to two young children, long-time Chico resident and visionary Bill Brouhard imagined a place where families, friends, and children lived a life more connected to the great outdoors. The video found below became a point of passion as Valley’s Edge began to form.