The planning and design of Valley’s Edge was based around key principles to safeguard cultural and historic resources found in the designated open space areas. Pioneer era rock walls, the old Doe Mill Wagon Road, Native American grinding rocks, and other areas of cultural sensitivity will be highlighted and protected within the Valley’s Edge plan. Signage will be placed at key social gathering places to honor the history and heritage in Chico and the surrounding foothills.


Preserved in time and mud along the northern boundary of the Valley’s Edge area are wagon ruts along what was the old Humboldt Wagon Road. Developed by John Bidwell as a commercial road to the Nevada mines, the road was used heavily for both passenger and freight before the advent of automobiles. The deep wagon ruts are now over a century old and still easily visible in the compact earth.

No less than 90% of existing wagon ruts along Old Doe Mill Road will be preserved and highlighted with interpretive signage at key trailway points.