Chico Residents: What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?

Picture it: A gaggle of kids running from yard to yard, playing tag and running through sprinklers in the middle of summer. No phones or Nintendo Switches in sight. A family having a lakeside picnic at a table piled high with thick sub sandwiches and slices of homemade pie. A teenager walking her energetic pup, tail wagging and sniffing everything in sight as they wander down a quiet path shaded by oak trees. A grandma in her 80s, sitting on a park bench in the village center, enjoying a lemonade in the sunshine, talking with passersby. 

These are just a few snapshots of what a future in Chico could look like. Our city has an undeniable charm that draws in people from all over the world, and they would have the opportunity to stay here long term if they choose. Valley’s Edge offers Chicoans to continue calling Chico home—in a way that best suits their lifestyle preferences and budget. 

Picture this: Housing options for how you want to live 

Valley’s Edge offers a place where families can aspire to move from a cramped apartment complex into a home with a yard ready for backyard BBQs with the neighbors. A short 10-minute walk gets teens to the store for more ice when it runs out.

It offers seniors a chance to downsize without limiting their quality of life to a retirement home or house isolated from shops and services. It offers young newlyweds a chance to afford a small cottage home and start a new life together. It creates the opportunity for everyone to spend life more intentionally, where everyone can stroll to amenities, pool parties at a friend’s house, and so much more. 

Where the great outdoors is at everyone’s doorstep

Valley’s Edge makes it easy to get out in nature and enjoy all its benefits. With over 700 acres of parks and open space in a community connected by trails, travel to post-work activities gets easier. After a long day at the office, residents can choose to leave their car at home and walk, bike, and rollerskate to their destination, whether it’s to grab an ice cream sandwich at the corner store or a playground in the park. 

Valley’s Edge brings much needed choice and affordability levels to Chico

Everyone has a unique vision and budget for what home looks like, and Valley’s Edge understands the importance of being able to create it. It’s why residents will be able to have their own space and place to realize their dream. To build a family, whatever it looks like. With a broad range of housing types and affordability levels, it becomes a reality for current Chico residents to stay.

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