Chico Enterprise-Record Editorial: Chico Should Green Light Valley’s Edge

On January 1, the Chico Enterprise-Record officially endorsed Valley’s Edge through an editorial entitled “Chico should green-light Valley’s Edge.” You can read it here.

“Valley’s Edge,” writes the Editorial Board, “is a once-in-a-generation housing/commercial/parks development that will lead Chico forward in the best way possible: By preserving so much of the historical nature of the 1,448-acre foothill area in an environmentally friendly manner, while also providing new housing opportunities for families and seniors alike — housing that will greatly benefit our current supply-and-demand shortage.”

The article clearly addresses some of the key objections to the project with facts, clarity, and alternative perspectives. In regards to housing, the article examines a common question—and offers back clear logic:

“Many people seem to see Valley’s Edge as an “either-or” proposition, one that could instantly switch its focus to apartments and mother-in-law units. It’s not. This big-picture plan will provide much-needed additional housing supply (and jobs) in Chico, housing that in many cases will be purchased by people already living here — thus opening existing housing for others. It’s simple Economics 101.”

To read the article in its entirety, click here.