Can You Believe Most Kids Are Outside Less Than 10 Minutes a Day?

Valley’s Edge offers a place for kids to run free in nature

Did you know many kids are outside for less than seven minutes a day? On average, kids spend up to seven hours in front of a computer screen. Valley’s Edge wants to change that.

The dangers of inactivity

Physical activity is the key to healthy children. Studies have shown children should get more than one hour of activity per day in order to prevent cardiovascular disease risk factors. And with the rise of inactivity comes weight issues, with nearly one in three children in this country being obese. 

Valley’s Edge has the opportunity to help change this! 

Benefits of outdoor play

Research has shown children who spend time in nature are happier, healthier, and more confident. Outdoor play encourages creativity and using imagination. And kids who play outside grow up to be adults who appreciate the outdoors. A study showed 87% of people who played outdoors as children valued nature as adults, and 84% said taking care of the environment is a priority. 

A place for kids to play 

When looking at options of how Chico could grow, infill provides the city the potential to grow up in tall apartment buildings, with less likelihood to get kids off their iPads and outside. Instead of vertical infill expansion into tall buildings or skyscrapers which limits kids to the indoors, there is a better way. Valley’s Edge land design will let kids grow up by growing outdoors as they benefit from time spent in nature and away from technology. 

Connect to nature

Valley’s Edge has a dream of creating a community where residents spend ample time outdoors. It’s why there are nearly 700 acres designated for parks, open space, and public uses. There will be 25 miles of trails for everyone to walk, bike, or skate in the fresh air. These will weave through the entire community, encouraging locals to leave the car behind as they walk to shops, to work, and visit with neighbors. Because life in Chico is meant to be lived outdoors. 

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