A Vision From Karen Creswell

Valley’s Edge prides itself on design that is homegrown, inspired, and heard directly from local residents. Karen Cresswell, longtime Chico resident, set down roots in Chico in 1974.  She and her husband were parents to two children who enjoyed Chico for all its beauty and energy. They made a mark in the local business community by opening what is now a worldwide business, their third family business. After surviving a cancer diagnosis, Karen moved into two independent living communities over the last decade and noted a gap in the current senior living opportunities in Chico. 

“More than a year ago,” said Karen, “I began to feel that where you choose to live now will determine how well you live in the future. I decided to create a vision of the kind of community I’d like to live in, and I was motivated to put together my thoughts for a vision statement, guiding principles, and prominent focus for an independent senior community.”

Karen used her years of business experience to  draw rough plans for multiple living options including apartments and cottages for different levels of accessibility and affordability.  The plans include using sustainable construction to foster environmental stewardship.

A vision from Karen Cresswell

See Karen’s Vision

Karen’s vision for living well checks many of the same boxes as what Valley’s Edge is looking to create:

  • Sustainable living, as close to zero impact as possible.
  • Gratitude for mother nature
  • Easy access to live + play and stay active as you age
  • Ability to age in place with housing options ranging in size and affordability
  • Wellness and well-being being a prominent focus
  • Lifelong learning
Thank you Karen for sharing your outlook and viewpoint as a Chico community member.

“According to research: People who stop to contemplate nature experience higher levels of happiness, lower levels of anxiety, and a greater desire to care for the earth. The key isn’t being in nature, but noticing it.”

A Note of gratitude from Karen:

To Pat Riley, Christine Buck, and my children.

Gratitude for their encouragement, input and abundant support.