Under the shade of majestic oak trees, the neighborhood café is serving breakfast, sourced with fresh produce from the community garden. A group of bicyclists from across town ride in from the Steve Harrison Memorial Trail, parking their bikes near an art show happening in the outdoor terraced seating

Kids join friends in the fountain feature and tot-lot structures, choosing a quick snack from the neighborhood grocer before the soccer tournament held at the Community Park. The final game whistle blows, meaning there’s plenty of time for a swim and maybe a game of pickleball.

Later that afternoon, the family is joined by neighbors and friends from throughout Chico, among them the grandparents living in one of the Senior neighborhoods of Valley’s Edge. There’s a job opening at the new mortgage firm located in the Village Commercial area, and the idea of working within walking distance of the children’s school has far more appeal than the daily commute across town.

Life gets easier the closer we are to daily destinations. Life gets healthier the more we walk, ride, and spend time outdoors. Our children become happier the more we play and spend quality time together. The vision for Valley’s Edge is to create a special place in Chico, bringing families and people together to live, work, and play in a community surrounded by a park.

Life gets easier the closer we are to daily destinations.

With homes, businesses, recreation, social, retail, and wellness facilities all located within walking and biking distance from each other, Valley’s Edge offers Chico a one-of-a-kind opportunity, sometimes called a “20-minute neighborhood”:

  • Healthier environment: People are outside and active
  • Happier planet: Less driving means less pollution and greenhouses gasses
  • Holistic community: Residents of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles can live and work

The concept of a 20 minute neighborhood benefits the City as it increases livability, making the idea of a place to live, work and play a reality. People walk more, drive less. Less time commuting, more time living and connecting with those that matter most.